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Including Diervillaceae (Raf.) Pyck., Linnaeaceae (Raf.) Backlund  Home>Families>Native Honeysuckle Family, Caprifoliaceae. Honeysuckle ( Caprifoliaceae) Family. Saturday, April 17, 2021. TreesForMe  not considered a wildland component or invasive = a North American native, may naturalize outside its native range. You searched for: family = Caprifoliaceae .

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The CaprifoliaceaeFamily is commonly referred to as the honeysuckle family. Plants of the World Online lists 28 accepted species in this family. Wikipedia is not up to snuff and continues to say there are 42 genera with about 860 species which is the same thing it said when I wrote this page in 2018. 2020-11-10 · Included subfamilies (for Wikispecies , 26 February 2014): Caprifolioideae, Diervilloideae, Dipsacoideae, Linnaeoideae, Morinoideae, Scabiosoideae, Valerianoideae. Included genera (for APWebsite & GRIN & NCBI & Tropicos , 25 April 2014): Genera of Caprifoliaceae. APWebsite link: Caprifoliaceae ( +genera ): 5 genera.

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Abelia mosanensis. Fragrant hardy Abelia is just that- not   Taxonomy of L. japonica and its phylogenetic proximity to native New Zealand plants Japanese honeysuckle belongs to the family Caprifoliaceae, which is  Hitta stockbilder i HD på Cephalaria Alpina Family Caprifoliaceae Commonly Known och miljontals andra royaltyfria stockbilder, illustrationer och vektorer i  Filtered by collected, Caprifoliaceae Remove Scientific Name, Collected By, Identified By, Date Collected, Date Identified, Family, Institution, Catalog Number  Family Caprifoliaceae på engelska med böjningar och exempel på användning.

Caprifoliaceae family

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Specimen: View USF Herbarium specimens of this family Family, CAPRIFOLIACEAE  Division, Magnoliophyta - Flowering Plants. Class, Magnoliopsida. Sub Class, Asteridae. Order, Dipsacales. Family, Caprifoliaceae  However, Blacklund and Pyck (Taxon 47: 657-661. 1998) preferred to retain Caprifolieae as a distinct family and raise Linnaeeae and Diervilleae as new families,  The honeysuckle family includes 10 genera and about 275 species of trees, shrubs, and herbs. This family is noted its many fine shrubs with attractive flowers   The Caprifoliaceae or honeysuckle family is a clade of dicotyledonous flowering plants consisting of about 860 species in 42 genera, with a nearly cosmopolitan  SOUTHEASTERN UNITED STATES 1.

Caprifoliaceae family

The family is well known for its many ornamental shrubs and vines. It is primarily composed of north temperate species but also includes some tropical mountain plants. Caprifoliaceae s.s. [Caprifoliaceae s.l., Caprifolioideae] — Honeysuckle family (type Caprifolium [ = Lonicera ], Latin for “goat leaf “). 5 genera/220 species (Figure 8.127E–I). The Caprifoliaceae consist of shrubs, trees, lianas, or herbs. The leaves are simple [rarely pinnate], opposite, exstipulate or reduced-stipulate.
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The flowers grow in various kinds of arrays and in some genera are paired and joined at the ovary.